Heron Home and Health Care Agency


Our Goal

Our goal has always been to bring to our patients the very best in health care to insure their well being and complete satisfaction.  At Heron Home Care the patients comes first.  Please call today and let us show you how our health care professionals can help you.

Heron Home Care

For more than 20 years Heron Home Care has provided New York City and Westchester County patients with the very best in home health care.   Heron Home Care provides dependable, highly skilled medical professionals who will come to your home to insure the rapid recovery of the home bound patient.  You may use our service as you need us on a indefinite, temporary or occasional basis.



Health At Home


Recovery at home is usually quicker because you are treated with dignity and respect by our trained personnel in privacy and comfort.  In secure, familiar surroundings Heron Home Care people bring you the very best in health care without the stress of an institutional atmosphere.


Heron People Care

Our providers are highly trained, caring medical professionals.  Each one is bonded and insured and must meet meticulous and exacting professional standards.  Heron's selection process insures that you will receive the highest quality health care.  Care that cannot be provided by family members or friends.  Heron Home Care can relieve stress and help keep families together during times of chronic or terminal illness.

Heron Technology

Health care at home has never been better or safer.  Advances in technology now allow a wide range of procedures and services to be delivered to a patient at home.  Heron professionals can perform chemotherapy and administer IV's and EKG's for example.  Heron is particularly proud of its health care specialists who furnish compassionate care and provide for the unique needs of the home bound AIDS patient.


Heron medical personnel are enrolled in an on-going education program to insure their complete familiarity with the latest changes and advances in their field.  We invite the top people in their specialty to teach these courses.  Outside organizations often ask us to allow their people to attend because of this.  Some of the areas covered are Aids Patient Care, Infection Control, Psychiatric Disorders, CPR and Emergency Care.

Surgical Supplies

Heron can furnish a complete line of surgical supplies which may be needed to make you more comfortable as you recover.  Walkers, commodes, wheel chairs, hospital beds, masks, gowns, and other supplies are available for prompt delivery.

Special Orders

We recognize that there are always items of special need. For this reason, we offer our special order service. We will bend our backwards to find that special items in our enormous warehouse inventory, or though our wide range of vendors and manufacturers. Your confidence is knowing we are here to serve you is important to us.




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